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Low Speed Saw

SMART CUT® 4005 Low Speed Saw is very easy to operate, with fixation of the specimen and the setting of specimen size, cutting speed, and cutting pressure taking only a few minutes. The workpiece is fastened in a holder mounted on a movable arm.

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The machine also allows an option for sectioning/cutting with gang operation (several blades) cutting at the same time (up to 4 blades). Perfect for brittle crystals, ceramics, and TEM samples. The cutting process is liquid-cooled with the cooling liquid draining back continuously into the coolant tank.

When the cutting operation is finished the cut-off wheel stops and the specimen falls into a basket in the coolant tank thus protecting the specimen from drying and making retrieval easy. The coolant tank is very easy to remove and both the retrieval of the finished specimens and the cleaning of the coolant tank are therefore simple and straightforward.

SMART CUT® 4005 is Most Affordable Low Speed Sectioning Saw available on the market today. Providing equal Precision, Productivity and Versatility as well know Brand Name Low Speed Saws, at significantly lower price. Perfect for Production and R & D facilities on a Budget. Compare to any other Low Sectioning / Wafering Saw. START SAVING MONEY TODAY!

Working Arm

Balance Weight

Two-dimension Clamp

Principal Shaft

Digital display for speed

Knob for adjusting speed

Power switch

Diamond blade

Door of Lubricating Water Trough

Position-Limit Switch

Sliding Seat


Lubricating Water Trough

Standard Package

What is included with each machine

Part # Standard items included on package Qty. Picture
UKAMLS01 Low Speed Diamond Saw set
UKAMLS02 Adjustable Balance Weight with Shaft at Back Side 1
UKAMLS03 Balance Weight at Front Side 1
UKAMLS25 v Goniometric Specimen Holder 1001 1
UKAMLS05 One Pair of Blade Flanges, 35 mm dia. (1.4″) 1
UKAMLS021 Mini Vise (1 1/4″ X 3/4″ Jaw Width; 1″ Max. Jaw Opening) Optional
UKAMLS06 One Pair of Blade Flanges, 46 mm dia. (1.8″) 1
UKAMLS07 One Pair of Blade Flanges, 62 mm dia. (2.45″) 1
UKAMLS08 Graphite Plate 2
UKAMLS09 Aluminum Plate 2
UKAMLS010 Wax Rod for Mounting Sample set
UKAMLS011 One Fuse, Two M4 Screws 1 set
UKAMLS013 AC Power Cord 1
UKAMLS014 Screw Driver set
UKAMLS015 O-ring of Driving Motor set
UKAMLS016 1 quart of SMART CUT water soluable coolant (advanced materials) formula or Mineral Oil (your choice) mix ration 1:20 (1 part coolant, 20 parts water) will make 5.7 gallons of coolant 1
UKAMLS017 Lubricant Tub 1
UKAMLS018 Collection Net 1
Select Right Wafering Blade for your application 4″ x .012″ x 1/2″ Diamond or CBN Wafering Blade. Sintered (metal bond) any specification. How to select the Right Diamond Wafering Blade for your application >>> 1
4BC1 4′ X .013″ X 1/2″ 1A8 diamond wafering blade. all diamond from OD to ID blade will work until there is nothing left from the blade entire OD is consumed (will typically last as much as 3 to 4) blades together 1
4SicB 4″ X .015″ (0.4mm) X 1/2″ Silicon Carbide cut off blade 1
4al203 4″ x .015″ (0.4mm) x 1/2″ Alumina Oxide cut off blade 1
Dressing Stick (1/2″ x 1/2″ x 6″) alumina oxide white color 120, 220, or 320 grit (depending on your blade selection) 1

SMART CUT® Coolants

Your choice of one (1) quart of SMART CUT™ Water Soluble Coolant or Mineral Oil is included with machine. SMART CUT™ Water Soluble Coolant Reduces material thermal stress, edge damage, and internal cracking, increases blade life, provides better cut quality, preserves material micro structure

Hence, assuring long-term integrity of material being sectioned. Since SMART CUT coolant is both a coolant and lubricant, both the wafering blade and material benefit. Mix ratio is 1:20 (1 part coolant, 20 parts water) on very hard and dense materials and 1:40 (1 part coolant, 40 parts water) on softer materials. Depending on mix ratio 1 quart will produce 5.7 to 9 gallons of coolant when mixed with water. As a coolant, SMART CUT KOOL reduces heat caused by friction. As a lubricant, SMART CUT KOOL lowers friction and surface tension, which increases swarf dispersion. Find out More >>>


one (1) diamond wafering blade any specification is included FREE OF CHARGE with purchase of any machine (any specification). we have almost unlimited number of diamond & CBN wafering blade specifications in stock available for immediate delivery. Available in different sizes, thickness, arbor sizes, diamond concentrations, diamond mesh sizes, and bond hardness’s. With several thousand unique blade specification in stock not listed on our standard stock program. This insures you will receive the best blade specification possible for your specific application. (Please see our guide on Selecting Right Blade for your Application).


You will find our prices are very affordable. What you will save on the cost of consumables in short and long run will pay for this equipment within a relatively short period of time.


One (1) dressing stick is included with the purchase of any machine free of charge. The dressing stick we supply is similar to the diamond size of the wafering blade you have chosen (or we recommended) for your application. Wafering Blades must be diamonds particles/crystals exposed properly through frequent dressing. Otherwise, the diamond tool will glaze over. They will begin to tear rather than grind which is very destructive. Tearing caused from unexposed diamonds creates friction. This causes uneven wear and/or heat cracks in the wafering blade and/or material being cut. Resulting in premature blade wear, blade tensioning problems, and will eventually destroy the blade. The more frequently the blade is dressed the freer and cooler it will cut with lot more consistency. Please see more info about dressing sticks>>>

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