SMART CUT® series Sintered (metal bond) Diamond Grinding Wheels are the longest lasting diamond wheels for cabbing available today. When you need to grind hundreds of cabs. SMART CUT® series Sintered (metal bond) Diamond Grinding Wheels are an excellent investment that will provide: best performance, quality, consistency and overall ROI (Return on Investment). They have a full 3mm of diamond matrix, and solid aluminum cores. These wheels will typically last like many plated or braised diamond cabbing wheels put together. SMART CUT® Sintered diamond wheels will also grind each cab aggressively (first cab as fast as the last). When using  SMART CUT® Sintered diamond wheels, we recommend using one diamond mesh/grit size larger for sintered diamond tools as compared to plated or brazed wheels. Reducer rings available to fit most machines.
  • Longest Life Possible
  • Faster & More Aggressive
  • Unmatched Consistency
  • Best (ROI) Return on Investment


SMART CUT®  Diamond Resin Wheels are an outstanding option to the Nova and Flex wheels. Diamond Resin Wheels are great for cabbing and contour grinding. One of the best benefits is that there is no need to break in the wheels, they are ready to go out of the box. They fit any standard machine and come with a 1” arbor with bushings.

SMART CUT® Water Soluble Coolant

(General Materials Formula) Fully Synthetic Lubricant & Coolant specially formulated for Slicing, Dicing, Drilling, and Grinding of Ceramics, Optics, Quartz, Silicon, and Other Materials. SMART CUT® synthetic water soluble coolant/lubricant general materials formula is operator and environmental friendly coolant that will improve your overall diamond slicing, dicing, drilling, sectioning, grinding, polishing and diamond machining operation by as much as 30%. Plain water evaporates at 212 F. Often temperature in your cutting zone reaches as much as 500 degrees F. Often water evaporates, before it has a chance of affectively cooling the diamond wheel and material being drilled. Resulting in shorter Diamond Wheel Life, Material Damage or micro cracks associated with overheating. Water may cool your diamond & cbn tools, yet provide poor lubrication properties needed for optimum slicing, dicing, drilling, grinding & polishing results

100DE SMART CUT® Series

Thin Wall Diamond Core Drills, Multi Layer Electroplated with straight shank

100DE SMART CUT series Thin Wall Multi-Layered Electroplated Diamond Core Drills, Manufactured by UKAM Industrial are Multi LayeredThey have 3 layers of diamondsnot just 1 layer of diamonds like conventional electroplated drills. This provides longer drilling life, smoother surface finish, faster and freer  drilling action, & more consistent performance.