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      UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools is a small American High Technology, Specialty Diamond Tool & Equipment Manufacturer We produce industrial diamond tools and precision cutting machines for a wide variety of industries and applications. Specializing in Manufacturing ultra thin & high precision diamond & cbn blades starting .001" (25 microns) thickness. Diamond Drills & Accessories from .001" (25 micron) to 48" (1,219mm).

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      Find Diamond & CBN Tools, Equipment, Consumables by Industry

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      Diamond & CBN Tools / Solutions

      Diamond Core Drills

      Diamond Drills, Core Drills, & Form Tools from .001″ to 48″ Diameter, & Drilling Accessories for drilling just about any Material/Application. Diamond Drills are available from inventory & custom manufacturing in many different specifications, outside & inside diameters, drilling depths, bond types, diamond mesh sizes, mountings, & tolerances.

      Diamond Dicing Blades​

      Diamond Dicing Blades from 0.5″ (12.7mm) to 6″ (154mm) in Diameter, starting from .001″ (25 microns) thick. For all applications and all types of Dicing & Slicing machines, Applications:BGA Packages, QFN, Alsmag, LiTaO3 & LiNbo, FR4, PCB, & many others.

      Ultra Thin & High Precision Diamond CBN & Blades

      Ultra Thin & High Precision Diamond & CBN Blades from 0.5″ (12.7mm) to 48″ (1,219mm) diameter, starting .001″ (25 microns) thickness. Used for Slicing, Dicing, Wafering, Cut-off, Singulation, Grooving, Slotting, Cross Sectioning, Gang Sawing, Slabbing, Rough Cutting.

      Diamond Routers, Diamond Points, Profile Tools & Milling Tools

      Large variety of diamond & cbn tools from stock and made to your specifiction using all bond types. Tools include: carving points, mounted points, diamond counter tools, grinding pins, routers, ID grinding points, jig grinding mandrels, countersinks, counter bores, Milling Tools, Generating Tools, face grinding tools, Chamfer Tools, Radius Tools, Profiling Tools, Ball Nose Tools, Bottom Grinding Tools, Reamers, Honing Tools, Endmills, Threading Tools & more

      Diamond Micro Drill​s & Micro Tools

      Micro Diamond Drills are available from .001″ to .035″ in diameter (25 microns and up)

      Diamond & CBN Wheels​

      Diamond Wheels and Discs for virtually any application. Whether you are looking for ultra fine finish grinding of exotic material to, fast and aggressive removal of alumina, we can help you get the most out of your grinding process

      Custom Diamond & CBN Tools​

      Thousands of diamond tools are available from stock for immediate delivery. Just about any diamond tool can be designed and manufactured per customer drawing or specifications. ver past 50 years, Over 35,000 different types & specification diamond tools have been manufactured

      Diamond Discs & Laps ​

      Diamond & abrasive grinding, polishing and lapping solutions for many industries and applications for clients in Industry, R&D, and hobby/craft appilcations.

      Diamond Wire Blades​

      Diamond wire blades made to order from 0.12mm TO 0.42mm diameteravailable for any spool for juat about any wire saw machine.

      Diamond Band Saw Blades​

      Diamond Band Saw Blades made to order to your specifications, available in any length width

      Diamond Consumables

      Large Variety of Diamond & CBN Suspension, Paste, Slurry, and Powders are available in Monocrystalline, Polyscrstalline, & Natural Diamond. Used in various industries for polishing and finishing applications.

      Consumables for Sample Preparation Metallography & Materials Research

      Consumables for materials preparation, metallography, quality control, materials research. For sectioning, rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing.

      Diamond Tool Accessories​

      we offer large variety of accessories and consumables for our tools and equipment including: coolants, dressing sticks, flanges, wheel stiffeners, water swivel and shank adapters

      Precision Abrasives

      Larger variety of precision abrasives for sample & surface preparation. Abrasive Cut Off Blades, Discs, Rolls, Belts, Wheels, Film, Powders, & Suspensions.

      Diamond Tools for Concrete & Construction

      High quality standard and custom tools for contractors. Our tools provide higher level of performance compared to what is typically available in the market.

      Diamond Dressers

      Dressing Tools for For truing and dressing of conventional abrasive grinding wheels. Single point, multi point, chisel shape, straight, angle, and radius configurations.

      Ultra Thin, High Precision & Micro Carbide Tools

      Tungsten carbide micro drills, micro tools and ultra thin & high precision cutting blades from stock and custom manufactured to fit your requirements.

      Diamond Rotary Dressers

      Diamond rollers are used to form grinding wheels for many different kinds of mass production. Shorter dressing time and long tool life leads to high productivity and consistent process conditions.

      Precision Machining Services

      We offer large variety of of services including: Dicing, Slicing, Sectioning, Drilling, Coring, Micro Drilling, Grinding, Polishing, & Machining

      Process Development

      Experienced Engineers and Application Laboratory, Equipped with some of the latest Slicing, Dicing, Wafering, Drilling, & Micro Drilling Equipment is available to develop right Process for your Application.

      Precision Cutting Saws

      Precision Cutting Machines for Laboratory & Industry. Used in Research and Development, Quality Control, Failure Analysis, Materials Research, & Industrial Applications.

      Grinding & Polishing Equipment ​

      Grinding & Polishing Equipment for Laboratory & Industry. Used in Research and Development, Quality Control, Failure Analysis, Materials Research, & Industrial Applications.

      Find Diamond & CBN Tools By Bond Type

      SMART CUT® Technology​

      Advanced technology that redefines the standard. Every diamond or cbn crystal evenly positioned oriented in open bond matrix. Each crystal is working in the right place, right time, where you need it most.

      Sintered (Metal Bond) Diamond

      Many types and forms of sintered (meta bond) diamond cbn tools are available from stock custom manufacturing. Diameters from small as .020″ (5mm) to large as 20″ (500mm).Large variety of Diamond CBN grit sizes from 300 to 3 microns

      Electroplated Diamond & CBN Tools​

      we manufacture multi layered electroplated tools. They have 3 layers of diamonds, not just 1 layer of diamonds like conventional electroplated diamond tools. Available from 0.5 microns to 20 grit (diamond mesh size) in Synthetic, Natural Diamond or CBN.

      Resin Bond Diamond & CBN Tools

      we manufactured resin bond tools with advanced molding process. Available in a large variety of diamond, thicknesses, arbor/mandrel sizes, geometries, diamond sizes, diamond concentrations, & bond harnesses. Stock program that includes most popular resin bond tools & custom manufacturing.

      Hybrid Bond Diamond & CBN Tools​

      HYBRID BOND Tools exhibit provide long life, maintaining superior form, shape, while consistently delivering excellent surface finish. These tools are designed to overcoming the limitations of conventional resin bond diamond tools.

      Braised Bond Diamond & CBN Tools

      Braised Bond Diamond Tools are perfect for machining tough- to-cut materials where fast stock removal and deep cuts are required. Diameters from small as .080″ to large as 30″. Diamond & CBN grit sizes from 40 to 1,200 mesh

      Vitrified Bond Diamond & CBN Tools​

      Fired Ceramic Bond matrix, which is very brittle and porous. Also known as ceramic bond. Based on fusible glasses combined with fillers and abrasive grains.

      PCD & PCBN (Polycrystalline Diamond Tools)

      PCD PCBN Tools for wide variety of industries applications. Available from stock custom manufacturing to fit your requirements. PCD Micro Drills Tools, End Mills, Routers, more.

      CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Diamond Tools

      Standard & Custom (CVD) Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond Tools. Used for graphite, carbon, green ceramic, carbon fiber, reinforced polymers, fiberglass, plastics, wood laminates, non ferrous metals.

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