CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Diamond Tools

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Diamond Tools

CVD diamond coating takes place in a vacuum chamber using a hot-filament, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. Carbon gases are introduced into the vacuum chamber where high temperatures cause carbon atoms to re-bond into a 100% pure crystalline diamond structure. The crystalline diamond slowly grows on the surface of cutting tools (usually made from carbide) forming a continuous coating of up to 20 microns in thickness. Standard carbide tooling with this type of coating depending on application will last 10 to 50 times longer.

Application of CVD Tools

Used on softer and gummy materials where usually tungsten carbide tooling is used by wears out or has to be reshaped quickly. Applications such as machining graphite, hard carbon, green ceramic, carbon fiber, reinforced polymers, fiberglass, plastics, wood laminates, non ferrous metals

Plastics & Other Soft Gummy Materials​
PCB Boards & Microelectronic Materials​
Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals
Soft Ceramic & Graphite


  • Significantly Longer Life then carbide tools
  • Save Time & Money on changing tools
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Better Chip Clearance
  • Minimum Heat Generation
  • Excellent chip flow and evacuation
  • Reduce Chipping & Burring
  • Improve Surface Finish


  • Drilling of gallium & silicon wafers
  • Drilling of gallium & silicon wafers
  • PCB
  • GFRP
  • CFRP
  • Graphite 
  • Microelectronic Components
  • Micro circuit substrates
  • Thin high density ceramics

CVD Micro Drills

We offer large variety of standard stock & custom micro drills from 0.05mm diameter to 6mm. with 3mm and 3.2mm shanks, and various heald lengths from 0.5mm and up, and flute specifications. CVD Micro Drills are used for drilling drilling micro holes in large variety of hard and brittle materials such as sapphire, high density ceramics,  micro-circuit substrates, glass, silicon, various wafers, substrates, tubes etc

CVD Diamond Micro Drills & tools consists of a microcrystalline thin film of evenly distributed diamond particles of 3-6 μm on tungsten carbide substrate. The CVD diamond layer extends the life a carbide micro drills & tools by 12 to 20 times longer, which decreases downtime due to fewer tool changes

CVD Micro Tools & End Mills

CVD Micro Tools & End Mills are available in various sizes, geometries, flute designs, head lengths, shank diameters and coatings to fit your specific requirements Micro end mills are used to create complex geometries, drill small holes, and achieve tight tolerances machining small features, such as small pockets, ribs, and channels.

Small CVD Routers & Tooling 

Small CVD routers and tooling are commonly used for routing operations, which involve removing material from a workpiece to create grooves, channels, or profiles.  These tools are used in wide variety of industries where intricate designs and precise cuts are necessary.

What is CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) diamond coating?

Diamond coatings are actually grown atom by atom onto the surface of the tool. Several technologies are used to produce CVD diamond films commercially, but the primary method used for coating cutting tools is known as Hot Filament Deposition. Inside the typical coating system, an array of superheated tungsten wires are used to activate hydrogen and a carbon-containing gas (usually methane). This reactive vapor mixture will condense onto the part to be coated, producing the diamond film over the entire surface of the tool. The diamond crystal growth is carefully controlled to produce a high-purity diamond film with a microstructure suited to the machining application. The coatings are from 4 to 40 microns in thickness depending on tool diameter and application. These films are pure diamond with no binder; they are both mechanically and chemically bonded to the tool surface

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