Hybrid Bond

Hybrid Bond Diamond & CBN Tools

UKAM Industrial manufactures and offers many types and forms of Hybrid bond diamond tools. Such as diamond wheels used for grinding, diamond cut off wheels use for cutting, dicing blades for singulation, diamond slotting wheels, etc. Complex tool shapes can be made,

Large variety of Diamond & CBN grit sizes from 250 to 3 microns can be used to achieve the clients desired surface finish, cutting speed, tool life and consistency. Diameters from small as .080″ to large as 20″ (500mm). Custom Tool specifications in this bond can be produced per your specification and requirements with short lead time

About Hybrid Bond

Introducing the HYBRID BOND, a breakthrough solution developed in direct response to customer demand for Reduced Wear Resin Bond Tools. In 2006, after extensive Research & Development and rigorous testing, we successfully created a revolutionary bond that surpasses the limitations of traditional resin bond diamond tools.

HYBRID BOND Tools exhibit exceptional longevity, maintaining superior form, shape, and extended lifespan while consistently delivering outstanding performance. These tools are designed to expand the application of tooling, overcoming the limitations of conventional resin bond diamond tools. You can now experience the advantages of cutting speed and improved surface finish that you have come to expect from resin bond, coupled with the durability, consistency, aggressiveness, and excellent performance typically associated with sintered (metal bond) tools.

Resin-bonded diamond & CBN tools have long been recognized for their fast material removal. However, the majority of resin bond diamond tools suffer from rapid wear and require frequent dressing (truing) to maintain their shape. In contrast, our HYBRID BOND offers a stronger bond type comparable to sintered (metal bond) tools. It provides longer tool life and better retention of form, enabling operation at higher speeds.

While sintered (metal bond) diamond tools are known for their edge quality and surface finish, many users have found them unsuitable for their specific applications. This limitation no longer exists with our HYBRID BOND. It bridges the gap between resin bond and sintered (metal bond), offering edge quality, surface finish, and the performance you desire.

Choose HYBRID BOND Tools for an unparalleled combination of extended lifespan, superior form retention, and remarkable performance, addressing the needs of diverse applications with precision and efficiency.

Application of Hybrid Bond

Hybrid bond diamond and CBN tools find extensive utility in a wide range of applications including cutting, slicing, dicing, grinding, polishing, milling, slotting, beveling, and numerous others, where both resin bond and sintered (metal bond) diamond tools are conventionally employed. These versatile tools offer remarkable adaptability across various industries.

Hybrid Bond Tools excel in grinding carbide and HSS tools, ensuring precision and efficiency in tool manufacturing. They are also indispensable in the manufacturing of electronic devices, particularly for slicing and dicing blades such as the delicate and slender 1 A8 blades, whether in single blade or multi-blade configurations. Additionally, when it comes to achieving a mirror finish on read-write head sliders, which are composed of hard and brittle materials like alumina titanium carbide (Al2O. TiC), a two-step process involving a metal-bonded tool and subsequent polishing step with a resin-bonded tool is commonly employed. However, with the advent of hybrid bond blades specifically designed for this purpose, both the slicing and polishing operations can be seamlessly executed in a single operation, streamlining the manufacturing process.

Advantages of Hybrid Bond Tools

  • Longer tool life
  • Minimum chipping
  • Improved surface finish
  • Better edge retention
  • More consistent performance

How SMART CUT® Hybrid Bond Works?

The sharpest and finest quality diamonds or CBN crystals that go into a SMART CUT Hybrid Diamond Bond, immediately penetrate into the material, grinding and polishing as they cut.
Diamonds or CBN Crystals are activated only at the exposed layer. As Bond Matrix layer begin to wear out, diamonds in a new Bond Matrix layer are immediately activated, substituting the already used up diamond layer. The SMART CUT Diamond Hybrid Bond makes sure every diamond is in the right place and at the right time, working where you need it most.

The newly exposed diamonds don't effect diamonds already working on the material. Unlike many other diamond bonds, diamonds in a SMART CUT Hybrid Bond remains sharp and grow sharper with each cut, prolonging product life and consistent performance.

This advanced formulated open diamond bond design insures minimal chipping, fast cut, constant speed of cut, minimal cutting noise, and most important of all, consistent performance.

Hybrind Bond Diamond Products Vs. Resin Bond Diamond Products

Longer Life​

HYBRID Bond Diamond product may last 6 to 10 of your conventional Resin Bond products put together.

More Consistent Performance​

HYBRID Bond Diamond Products are more durable than Resin Bond products. Designed to minimize wreckage, the HYBRID Bond will give you consistent results you can count on everyday.

Better Surface Finish

HYBRID Bond Diamond Products have been successfully implemented in "mission critical" applications. Depending on the material you are machining, RPM's, coolants, and other factors. HYBRID Bond can help you improve your current chipping and surface finish yields.

Universal Application

HYBRID Bond Diamond Products are the first universal diamond products you can find on the market. Designed for maximum performance, in machining materials with various degrees of hardness. HYBRID Bond products may be used in both resin bond and metal bond applications. Perfect for companies machining different materials every day.

Higher RPM's 

Thinner kerf and more precision diamond products are available in a HYBRID Bond. On most application, you will be able to use these products at higher RPM's without damaging the tool. Save money and time by getting the job done faster.

Minimum Dressing

A resin bond, is really tar in a solid form. And in many cases, must be constantly dressed. Constant dressing often results in blade loosing its roundness and becoming oval shaped. The HYBRID Bond is more solid and solves this problem by exposing each diamond in the area where its needed most. Unlike a Resin Bond, HYBRID Bond diamond products will not loose their shape or form.

No contamination

A resin bond must remain very fragile in order to expose new diamonds. For this reason, strong and high quality diamonds cannot be used in a resin bond. High quality diamonds are harder than a resin bond matrix, and would soon disintegrate the bond that keeps them in place. The diamonds that are used in a resin bond are poor to medium quality. Most of them disintegrate or fall out of the bond, before they have a chance of being used. The problem with this approach is these diamonds fall into the material being dicing, causing unwanted contamination.

Customers also experienced success using the HYBRID™ Bond; on the following materials, witch are conventionally machined with Resin Bond Diamond Products:
Alumina soft unfired
B4C(Boron carbide)
Barium Tltinante,
Bismouth Telluride
Blsmuth Telluride
Boron Nitride - hard
Boron Nitride-soft

Cadmium Telluride




FR4 and Resin


Gallium Arsenide

Gallium Phosphide




Glass & Quartz

Glass Passivated Silicon

Green Ceramic


LiTaO3 & LiNbo

Lithium Niobate

Nitride Passivated Silicon

Passive Silicon






Silicon on Sapphire



and many other materials

Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) 95%

standard kiln furniture

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Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) 99%+-

high density, electronics; silicon wafer substrates

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Aluminum nitride (AIN)

heat decks in computer fabrication

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Aluminum titanium carbide (AlTiC)

for read write heads  

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Silicon nitride (Si3N4)

structural ceramics (such as exhaust valves on diesel engines; down-hole apparatus on oil rigs; turbines seals, rocker arms in aerospace)

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Sialon – High Al2O3

structural ceramics (same as above)

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Silicon carbide (SiC)

substrates and kiln furniture in electronics industry

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heat decks for processing wafers in wafer fabrication

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Fused Silica (glass)

grinding telescope lenses; kiln furniture

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kiln furniture

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defense domes; radar domes; watches’ infrared POS Scanners

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Zirconia (ZrO2)

diesel engines; ca dies; cutlery

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Boron Carbide (B4C)

armor for tanks, cars, bullet proof vests

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Titanium diboride (TiB2)

armor plating for aircraft

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Tungsten carbie (WC) 11% Co

rotary seals for down hole oil drilling; tools

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Hybrid Bond Diamond & CBN Tools Capabilities & Specifications

  • Diameters Available: 12.7mm to 500mm
  • thicknesses available: .004" (100 microns) to any thickness in .0005” (5micron) increments
  • arbor sizes available (inside diameters): any arbor size. Standard are 1/8”, ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 1”, 1.25”, 40mm, 2.75”, 3.5”. For most wheels we can alter the arbor size to anything you need, almost same day and can also produce any arbor size. Wheels mounted on straight shank & mandrel available
  • diamond type: synthetic diamond, synthetic coated diamond & cbn (cubic boron nitride)
  • diamond depth (diamond height) 1.58mm to 20mm and fully impregnated with diamond (from OD to ID)
  • Edge Type: Continuous Rim and Slotted
  • Core Available: Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Steel with Memory, High carbon steel, tungsten carbide, fully impregnated with diamond
  • Edge Shape: 1A1R, 1A1, 1E1, 1M1, 1N1, 1V1, 1A8, 1E8, 1zm8, 1N8, 1V8 1A1, 14U1, 6A2, 6A2 SP, 9A3, 12A2-45, 11V9-70, 12S2-45SS, 12V5-45 (other kerf angles & radiuses can be produced upon request)
  • Bond Hardness: Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard
  • Tolerances Available: ODT tolerances +.050/.000 Arbor Hole Tolerance+.001/-.000 Rim Thickness +.002/-.001 Core Thickness: +.001/-.001
  • diamond grit sizes: 50 mesh to 3 microns
  • diamond concentration: low, medium & high (from 10 con to 150 con)

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