Diamond Dressers

Diamond Dressing Tools are made with natural diamond stones set in steel shanks of various shapes for straight or form dressing. For truing and dressing of conventional abrasive grinding wheels. Single point, multi point, chisel shape, straight, angle, and radius configurations.

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools offers larger selecting on dressers. We provide diamond dressers to match your wheel topography, to performing with superior strength and versatility. Custom configurations are available to fit your specific requirements

Diamond Dresser Types

  • clustered & layered type dressers
  • Cone & Phono Point type dressers
  • Chisel Edge Type Radius Dressers
  • Plung Type Radius Dressers
  • Raidus Type Dressers
  • Excello Jones & lampson thread grinders
  • Goglunds dressers
  • diaforms dressers
  • moore panthrush dressers
  • NGT grit type dressers

Application of Diamond Dresser

Diamond Dressers are used for truing and dressing conventional abrasive and super abrasive (diamond/cbn) wheels. Truing is to restore the wheels profile and dressing is opening the abrasive layers remove stock or closing to finish the face of the wheel

Diamond Dressers are tools used in industrial applications to shape, clean, and true grinding wheels or abrasive stones. They are commonly used in manufacturing processes, such as machining, grinding, and sharpening, to maintain the desired shape and condition of the abrasive surface.

Diamond Dressers consist of a handle or shank and a diamond-tipped working surface. The working surface is typically made of natural or synthetic diamond grains that are bonded together with a metal or resin matrix. The diamond grains provide superior hardness and abrasion resistance, making them ideal for cutting and shaping hard materials.

When a grinding wheel becomes worn or unevenly shaped, a diamond dresser is used to remove the worn layer and expose fresh abrasive material. This process, known as dressing, helps to restore the grinding wheel's performance and precision. By removing the worn grains and exposing new ones, the grinding wheel can cut more effectively and produce better surface finishes.

Diamond Dressers come in various forms, including single-point dressers, multipoint dressers, and cluster dressers. Single-point dressers have a single diamond tip and are suitable for precision dressing applications. Multipoint dressers have multiple small diamond tips arranged in a specific pattern, allowing for more efficient and rapid dressing. Cluster dressers consist of a cluster of diamonds arranged in a specific pattern, providing an even larger dressing surface for heavy-duty applications.

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