Diamond Blades For Composites Industry

Diamond Blades for Composites Industry

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools specializes in manufacturing Precision Diamond Tools for Composites Industries. We understand the problems you are facing in machining composite materials and stepped up to meet this challenge by developing Diamond Products and technology that will help achieve closer tolerances, smoother surface finish, and more universal performance. As leader in new product development, we continue to raise standards for the whole industry. Whether you are a small fabricator or a leading Fortune 500 company, you can rely on us to improve and optimize you Composite Fabrication operation to its ultimate level of efficiency.
As leader in new product development, we continue to raise standards for the whole industry. Typical applications include: carbon fiber composites, fiberglass composites, GFRP, aircraft wings, fuselage sections, and engine components. body panels, engine parts, and suspension components, medical implants, printed circuit boards (PCBs), tennis rackets, gulf clubs, bicycle frames

Composite Materials

  • Resin
  • Aramid
  • Carbon Fibers
  • Boron
  • E-Glass
  • S-Glass
  • Polymer Matrix Composites
  • Metal Matrix Composites
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • Graphite
  • Honeycomb
  • Fiber
  • SiC
  • Si3N4
  • Titanium
  • Diboride
  • Thermoplastic Honeycomb
  • FRP Composite
  • Al2O3
  • Aluminium
  • Normex Honeycomb
  • Hormex Honeycomb
  • Silicon Carbide Fibers
  • Many Others

Solutions For Cutting Composite Materials

Ultra Thin & High Precision Diamond Blades

Ultra Thin & High Precision Diamond Blades from 0.5” to 48” OD, starting .004”. Used for cutting large variety of composites. Bond Types available: sintered (metal bond), resin bond, nickel bond, braised bond, vitrified bond.


  • Slicing
  • Dicing
  • Wafering
  • Cut-off
  • Singulation
  • Grooving, Slotting
  • Cross Sectioning
  • Gang Sawing
  • Slabbing
  • Rough Cutting

Precision Cutting Machines for Composite Materials

Complete range of diamond saws, equipment and accessories for cutting (sawing) advanced materials. Such as: ceramics, glass, plastics, quartz, metals, and graphite. From high capacity cutting of very large work pieces to precision cutting of even the most delicate samples. Our diamond saws are widely used in  Research and Development, Quality Control, Failure Analysis, as well as Industry

Solutions For Drilling Composite Materials

Diamond Core drills & diamond drills from .001" to 48" Diameter, & Drilling Accessories for drilling just about any Material/Application. Diamond Drills are available from inventory in many different specifications. Custom Manufacturing to fit your particular requirements with 1 week or less lead time (non minimum order). We will work with you to determine your needs, and recommend the right solution for your specific application.

Diamond Drill & Diamond Core Drill Specifications Available:

  • Diameters Available: .001” to 20 OD
  • Drilling Depths: .015” to 36”
  • Bond Types: sintered (metal bond), nickel bond (plated), brazed bond,
  • Tolerances: + / - .004” on core drills (+ / - .0005” custom)
  • Diamond grit sizes: 25 mesh to 3 microns
  • Diamond concentration: low, medium & high (from 10 con to 150 con)
  • Mounting types: straight shank to your spec, 5/8-11”, 5/8-18”, ¾-16”, ½” gas male, 1-14”, habit, and many others

Solutions For Grinding Composite Materials

Diamond Wheels for grinding full range of photonics/optical glass material are available in stock, available in different sizes, thickness, arbor sizes, diamond concentrations, diamond mesh sizes, and bond hardness's. Custom Manufacturing to fit your particular requirements with 1 week or less lead time (non minimum order)

Diamond Wheel Specifications Available:

  • Diameters Available: 0.5” to 20 OD
  • Bond Types: sintered (metal bond), resin bond, nickel bond (plated), brazed bond, hybrid bond
  • Diamond grit sizes: 25 mesh to 3 microns
  • Diamond concentration: low, medium & high (from 10 con to 150 con)

Solutions For Polishing Composites Materials

  • Diamond Fixed Abrasive Discs
  • Diamond grinding/polishing strips/foils
  • Diamond film
  • Diamond pellets
  • Diamond belts
  • Polishing Pads

Diamond Consumables For Composites Materials

  • Diamond Suspensions - Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, & Natural
  • Diamond paste - Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, & Natural
  • Diamond micro powder - Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, & Natural
  • Diamond Spray - Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, & Natural

Ultra Thin, High Precision & Micro Carbide Tools

  • Ultra Thin & High Precision Carbide Blades for Slicing, Dicing, Slotting, & Grooving - Available as thin as .004" and diameters from 50mm to 500mm
  • Micro Carbide Drills & Tooling - Available from small as 20 microns
  • Specialized Coatings such as Diamond Like Carbon are available to extend the life of these tools

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Diamond Tools

CVD diamond coating takes place in a vacuum chamber using a hot-filament, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. Carbon gases are introduced into the vacuum chamber where high temperatures cause carbon atoms to re-bond into a 100% pure crystalline diamond structure.

Precision Abrasives for Composites Materials

Abrasive Cut Off Wheels, Abrasive Discs, Abrasive Rolls/Strips, Abrasive Belts, Silicon Carbide (SIC), Zirconia Alumina (ZA), Aluminum Oxide (ALOX), Grinding Wheels - (Aluminum Oxide  and Silicon Carbide), Lapping Films (Plain Backed & PSA Backed, Felt Polishing Pads 

PCD & PCBN (Polycrystalline Diamond & CBN) Tools

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) is composed of diamond particles that are sintered with a metallic binder at extreme temperatures and pressures,  creating the hardest and one of the most abrasion resistant materials used in cutting tools. These inserts are braised on to cutting tools and are used in machining applications in many applications where you find carbide tooling that includes sawing, routing, drilling and profiling to maximize tool life and reduce production cost.

Grinding/Polishing Equipment for Composites Materials

6" to 24" (150mm to 609mm) diamond grinding, polishing, & lapping machines for Industry and R & D. Designed coarse & fine grinding and polishing of Advanced, Ultra Hard & Brittle Materials, Optical Materials, Composites. High hardness materials including 

Example of Custom Diamond Tool for Composites

Its what you cant see that makes all the Difference

SMART CUT™ technology

How SMART CUT ® Bond Works?

The sharpest and finest quality diamonds or CBN crystals that go into a SMART CUT Diamond Bond, immediately penetrate into the material, grinding and polishing as they cut.

Diamonds or CBN Crystals are activated only at the exposed layer. As Bond Matrix layer begin to wear out, diamonds in a new Bond Matrix layer are immediately activated, substituting the already used up diamond layer. The SMART CUT Diamond Hybrid Bond makes sure every diamond is in the right place and at the right time, working where you need it most.

The newly exposed diamonds don't effect diamonds already working on the material. Unlike many other diamond bonds, diamonds in a SMART CUT Hybrid Bond remains sharp and grow sharper with each cut, prolonging product life and consistent performance.

This advanced formulated open diamond bond design insures minimal chipping, fast cut, constant speed of cut, minimal cutting noise, and most important of all, consistent performance.

Its what you cant see that makes all the Difference

SMART CUT® Technology

Let Us Help You:
  • Improve Tool Life
  • Obtain More Consistent Results
  • Improve Surface Finish
  • Preserve True Material
  • Reduce & eliminate Material Deformation
  • Improve Tool Lite & Overall Performance

Why Work With Us:


The more you understand about what we can do for you the better our partnership will be. Here you will find most comprehensive source of information and optimizing and improving your cutting , drilling , grinding and polishing on the web. find everything you ever wanted to know about diamond tools.

Large Inventory & Custom Manufacturing

We have the largest variety of diamond & cbn wafering blades available in stock. As well as large inventory of diamond & abrasive consumables. We also custom manufacture diamond and cbn tools, consumables and machines to better fit customer specific needs. Just about any tools & consumables can be designed and manufactured per client drawing or specificrtion

We Are a Partner In Your Success

Developing close ties with our customers is the foundation of our business. At the core of
our company is a team of world class engineers, knowledgeable customer service personnel here to serve you. Whether is designing or manufacturing a special solution. We will go out of our way to optimizing your process to ultimate level of efficiency

American Manufacturer

As one of the few remaining independent U.S.Diamond Tool & machine builders. We have the experience & tradition to help you remain at frontier of technology Our experience has been further enhanced by acquiring assets and processes from some of the oldest American tool
manufacturers, along with their decades of experience and R& D. This has positioned us as one of the most experienced companies in the industry .Depend on us to bring you technology of tomorrow today.

  • Different Product
  • Different Company
  • Different Technology

Our proprietory diamond chemistory , precision , manufacturing metods , quality control methods allow us to control and regulate the dozens of variables to that affect consumable life , quality , and consistency.

Expect MORE from your tools
Experience makes all the Differences
"One of the most experienced companies in the industry"

Over the years we have worked with some of the leading Fortune 500 companies , thousands of universities , government and private research labs , and small organisations. We have made thousands of custom tools , built custom machines , work-holding fixtures , etc for hundreds of applications. Many of our staff members have been working in their respective fields for over 50 years and have gained a wealth of knowledge over the years





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What you should know

your next diamond tool?

Diamond Core Drill Types

  • Diamond hollow core drills unmounted (tube only)
  • Diamond hollow core drills mounted (with female or male thread or straight shank per client spec)
  • ID Core drills,
  • Non core formation/bottoming drills,
  • Diamond dual core drills,
  • Disintegrating drills,
  • Diamond chamfering tools/seamers,
  • Ultra thin wall, thin wall diamond core drills
  • Standard wall, heavy wall diamond core drills
  • Continuous Rim (Crown) Diamond Core drills
  • Slotted & segmented diamond core drills
  • Core drills for ultra sonic drilling machines
  • Micro & Minatare Drills Core Drills

Diamond Solid Drill/Tool Types

  • Diamond Micro & Minature Drills/Points
  • Diamond mounted points
  • Diamond counter tools/grinding pins
  • Diamond routers
  • Diamond countersinks/counter bores
  • Diamond Milling Tools
  • Diamond Generating Tools/face grinding tools
  • Diamond Chamfer Tools/Radius Tools
  • Diamond Profiling Tools/Ball Nose Tools
  • Diamond Round End Tools/Full Ball Tools,
  • Diamond Bottom Grinding Tools/Reamers
  • Diamond Honing Tools/Tapered Hones
  • Diamond Threading tools/Profile Tools
  • Diamond Radois Tools/Radius Tools,
  • Diamond Chamfer Tools/endmills

Solutions For Machining Composite Materials

Diamond Optical tools for most grinding and finishing applications. Diamond Optical wheels cut lens material quickly, cleanly with minimal wear. We design and produce laps cut to special radii for optics, grinding and polishing of precision optics are available. Custom shapes are available such as grooved tools, tools with special threads. form tools, and other custom tooling. B+S Univ. Grinder, Strasbaugh Edge Grinder, SAIDA Edge Grinder, GMN MPS Bach Grinder, SPEEDFAM , Lapmaster, Nord-Universal and many others.

Diamond Abrasive Products (Fixed Diamond)

Diamond Fixed Abrasive Discs
Diamond grinding/polishing
Diamond Film
Diamond Belts
Curved Pellet Diamond
Lapping Wheels
Flat Pellet Grinding
Lapping Plates
Pellet Grinding
Diamond Pellets

Diamond Consumables For Composite

Diamond Suspensions

Diamond Suspensions  - Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, & Natural

Diamond Compounds

Diamond paste - Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, & Natural

Diamond Powder

Diamond micro powder  - Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, & Natural

Abrasive Consumables For Composite

Abrasive Suspensions

Diamond Suspensions  - Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, & Natural

Abrasive Powders

Diamond paste - Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, & Natural

Conventional Abrasives

Abrasive Cut Off Blades, Abrasive Discs, Abrasive Rolls/Strips, Abrasive Belts, Abrasive Grinding Wheels