Metal Bond Diamond Discs

For BUEHLER, STRUERS, & LECO and All Other Popular Grinding / Polishing Machines


Metal Bond Diamond Discs, have diamond particles held firmly in place on a rigid backing by electroplated erosion resisting nickel for maximum bond strength and heat dissipation. A hard nickel alloy is used to rigidly bond a layer of sharp, blocky diamond to a steel backing. The sharp diamond particles cut cleanly with no edge rounding. Diamond Laps / Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Discs radically reduce the time required for material lapping/grinding process. Metal bond diamond grinding discs are available with either magnetic or PSA backing.

Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Discs radically reduce the time required for material lapping/grinding process.

Advantages of Metal Bond Diamond Discs

  • No deformation
  • No scratches
  • No pull-outs
  • No introduction of foreign elements
  • No smearing
  • No relief or rounded edges
  • No thermal damage
  • Long Life
Magnetic Backing
PSA Adhesive Backing

About Metal Bond Diamond Discs

An essential part of finishing process (typically used as first step), Metal Bond Diamond Discs play a major role in establishing the final dimensional and surface characteristics for many parts. Used to grind a wide variety materials including glass, optics, ceramic, plastic, composites, geological materials, stone, metals and their alloys, sintered materials, stellite, ferrite, copper, cast iron, steel etc. durable, long lasting, precision cutting discs for heavy stock removal, shaping and lapping of hard-to-grind materials. The diamond discs present a cleaner alternative to diamond compounds or slurries and do not require "loading" with diamond paste. These diamond grinding discs can be purchased with either magnetic or PSA backing. We can make any arbor (ID) hole size to fit your particular machinery. Metal Bond Diamond Discs can be manufactured using either Natural Diamond, Synthetic Diamond, or CBN (cubic boron nitride) to better fit your application. Diamond laps using any diamond mesh/grit size from as fine as few microns to as course as 60 grit can be made as well.

Only the highest quality diamonds and raw material is used in manufacturing process. The highest quality standards and consistency are maintained using sophisticated measurement and inspection equipment. Please inquire, we will be happy to accommodate your specific needs. Whatever your application or objectives, UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools can help you get there faster.

8" OD Metal Bond Diamond Discs - PSA backing

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8" OD Metal Bond Diamond Discs - Magnetic Backing

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10" OD Metal Bond Diamond Discs - PSA Backing

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10" OD Metal Bond Diamond Discs - Magnetic Backing

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12" OD Metal Bond Diamond Discs - PSA Backing

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12" OD Metal Bond Diamond Discs - Magnetic Backing

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