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What is SMART CUT Technology

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The sharpest and finest quality diamonds or CBN crystals that go into a SMART CUT Diamond Bond, immediately penetrate into the material, grinding and polishing as they cut.
Advanced Technology that redefines the standard

Every Diamond or CBN Crystal is working in the

Where you need it most

Delivers Superior

Return On Investment


up to longer life


up to improvement in cutting speed


up to improvement in productivity

Diamond Working For You

SMART CUT open bond is designed to keep diamonds working at their maximum potential. SMART CUT diamond bond undergoes regular renewal, making sure all diamonds are constantly under maximum exposure to materials being worked on.​

SMART CUT®  Difference 

  • More Consistent & Uniform Overall Performance
  • Faster Machining Action
  • Minimal Loss of Material
  • Easier to Use
  • Minimal Chipping
  • Minimal Machining Noise
  • Minimal Tool Dressing / Diamond Rexposure

How SMART CUT® Bond Works? 

The sharpest and finest quality diamonds or CBN crystals that go into a SMART CUT Diamond Bond, immediately penetrate into the material, grinding and polishing as they cut.
Diamonds or CBN Crystals are activated only at the exposed layer. As Bond Matrix layer begin to wear out, diamonds in a new Bond Matrix layer are immediately activated, substituting the already used up diamond layer. The SMART CUT Bond Diamond Bond makes sure every diamond is in the right place and at the right time, working where you need it most.
The newly exposed diamonds don't effect diamonds already working on the material. Unlike many other diamond bonds, diamonds in a SMART CUT remains sharp and grow sharper with each cut, prolonging product life and consistent performance.
This advanced formulated open diamond bond design insures minimal chipping, fast cut, constant speed of cut, minimal cutting noise, and most important of all, consistent performance.

What is SMART CUT® Technology

  • Open Bond Design
  • Diamond or CBN Crystals Working at their Maximum Potential
  • Maximum Diamond or CBN Exposure
  • Better & More Consistent Overall Performance
SMART  CUT Advanced Technology that redefines the standard in cutting and drilling. This an open bond is designed to help keep diamonds or CBN Crystals working at their maximum potential. SMART  CUT bond undergoes regular renewal, making sure all diamond are constantly under maximum exposure to materials being worked on. SMART  CUT technology allows control spacing and orientation of diamond or CBN crystal. This greatly improves performance of every diamond crystal held in bond matrix. Every Diamond or CBN Crystal in a SMART  CUT bond works like a small horse. Unlike many other bond designs, the SMART  CUT begins to work from the first cut, and remains to work at the same level of consistent performance until you take your last cut. This unique open bond design insures you get the maximum usage of diamond or CBN Crystal bond.

Diamond & CBN Tools with SMART CUT Technology

Sintered (Metal Bond)
Resin Bond
Hybrid Bond
Nickel Bond (Plated)
Braised Bond
Vetrified Bond

What is Optimal Diamond Distribution & Orientation?

The performance of a diamond & CBN tools depends on how diamonds are distributed and adhered in matrix. Diamond distribution can be random or regular, and its adherence strong or weak. Conventional diamond and CBN tools contain randomly distributed diamond crystals, and their adherence is intrinsically weak. Random diamond distribution combined with weak crystal bonding in conventional diamond tools design may slow down the cutting, drilling, grinding, and machining speed and shorten the tool life.

SMART CUT® Advantages

  • More Consistent Overall Performance Minimal Chipping
  • Faster Cut
  • Longer Life
  • MInimal Chipping
  • Minimal Lose of Material
  • Consistent Cutting Speed
  • Minimal Cutting Noise
  • Reduce Material Loss
  • Minimal Dressing
  • Easier to use

Conventional tool Disadvantages

  • Inconsistent Cutting Speed
  • Excessive Dressing
  • High Heat Generation
  • Faster Loss of Edge Form
  • Chipping/Burring
  • High Material Deformation
  • Shorter Tool Life

Why is it Important?

Diamond or CBN Crystals in conventional diamond & CBN tools are separated too far (the impact exerted by each crystal on material becomes excessive). The sparsely distributed diamond or CBN crystals may be crushed or even dislodged from the matrix into which they are disposed. The damaged or missing crystals are unable to fully assist in the work load. Hence the workload is transferred on to the remaining diamond or CBN Crystals particles. The failure of each crystal causes a chain reaction, which soon results in tool ineffective performance or complete failure of the tool.


Provides Best Performance & ROI

 Advanced Coolant System

SMART CUT open bond designs promotes a better coolant system. Air and water flows freely through the diamond bond, providing extra coolant, greater conductor of heat and thus increased product longevity. Instead of heat generated in few places, it is evenly distributed and hence minimized.

Better Cut Quality & Less Material Deformation

Diamond & CBN tools with SMART CUT technology make any work much faster & easier, Thousands of sharp and high quality diamond or CBN particles oriented and evenly distributed on both matrix, allow most jobs to be completed by applying little or only moderate amount of pressure even on the most toughest and challenging materials. Freeing the user from constantly having to dress and renew the diamond layer.

No Glazing

Diamond & CBN tools with SMART CUT technology require minimum dressing, the bond renews itself.

Faster Cutting Action

Diamond & CBN tools made utilizing SMART CUT technology are much more aggressive than your conventional tools. They can cut faster, while still leaving behind a smooth finish free of material deformation.

Longer Life

In most cases tools manufactured utilizing SMART CUT technology, will outlast other conventional material (sintered), resin, and nickel bonded diamond & CBN tools. SMART CUT diamond & CBN tools are more sturdy than tools manufactured with conventional technologies. They are capable to retain their form and bond configuration all the way through the tools life.

Challenges Faced By Conventional
Diamond & CBN Tools

Inconsistent Cutting Speeds & Excessive Dressing

Most diamond & CBN tools (including conventional diamond / CBN tools) work fairly well when they are brand new. However, after some use the cutting speed begins to gradually tapper down. Some symptoms include: excessively longer cutting speeds, and machine motor bug downs. Increasing amount pressure & time is required to cut same amount of material. The cutting action may stop altogether, within further cutting requiring constant dressing in order to expose new diamond particles. Although initially the tool may appear full of diamonds, but in reality only a small portion of them is able to participate in the cutting action when and where needed at any given point in time.

Excessive Heat Generation & Loss of Straight Cutting Capability

Constant dressing and pressure placed on material, causes the tool to overheat and loose its tension. The user may find themselves exhorting excessive force and pressure just to cut a small amount of material.


  • Different Product
  • Different Company
  • Different Technology
Expect MORE From Your Tools

What makes SMART CUT technology Different?

In 1998 UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools, Division of LEL Diamond Tools International, Inc. Developed a solution to this problem. A new breakthrough called SMART CUT technology in manufacturing precision diamond tools.   SMART CUT will greatly improve your diamond tool cutting, drilling, grinding, and lapping efficiency  SMART CUT is an ADVANCED technology that redefines the standard in manufacturing diamond tools. Utilizing this technology a diamond tool manufacturer is capable of orienting diamonds inside matrix so that every diamond is better able to participate in cutting or drilling action. SMART CUT open bond design makes sure every diamond is in the right place and at the right time, working where you need it most. You get maximum use of diamond and bond.

This technology makes diamond concentration almost irrelevant. What most  diamond tool  manufacturers used to do, and still do today is  place diamonds inside the metal matrix, with no control over diamond distribution. The problem with this  approach is inconsistent diamond tool performance. Only about 40% of these diamonds are able to participate in diamond machining action. The rest fall out, become dull, or disintegrate before they have a chance of being used. This factor causes the following problems:

One of the main problems faced by diamond tool manufacturers worldwide involves properly orienting and sitioning diamonds inside bond matrix. Over the decades there have been numerous attempts to solve the diamond and CBN distribution problem. Unfortunately, none of the attempts have been proven effective.

Current technologies are also inadequate to provide effective control of diamond mesh size (grit size) and concentration of variations on different parts of the same tool.

Current technologies also do not allow diamond distribution to be factored in when manufacture a wheel specifically designed for individual material property and structure.

Today 97% diamond tool manufacturers still have no way or technology to evenly control and distribute Diamond or CBN particles inside bond matrix, nor properly position them to maximize their machining efficiency.

Conventional Diamond or CBN Tools provide Less then Optimum Return on Investment

Issues faced by concentonal Diamond & CBN Tools:

  • Premature Diamond Crystal Fracture
  • Premature Diamond Crystal Rounding
  • Premature Diamond Crystal Crushing
  • Premature Diamond Crystal Pullout

Conventional diamond & cbn tools have diamond or CBN crystal randomly dispersed inside the bond matrix, with no control overy diamond or cbn crystal distribution.

This cause inconsistent tool performance

Only about 40% of the Diamonds & CBN Crystals are able to participate in the cutting action

Problems With Conventional Diamond Tools

The distribution between each Diamond or CBN particles determines the work load each diamond will perform. Improper distribution of diamond or CBN particles typically leads to premature failure of diamond particles or bond structure. If diamond or CBN particles are too close to one another, some of these particles are redundant and provide little or no  assistance in cutting, drilling, grinding, or lapping. Excess diamonds particles increase the cost of manufacturing diamond tools, due to  high cost diamond and CBN powder.

Yet have no effect in increasing performance. In fact  excess and non performing diamond or CBN particles reduce the diamond tools overall performance and efficiency by blocking up the passage of debris from material being machined. In many cases these excessive diamond particles play a major rule in decreasing the useful life of your diamond tool. Conventional diamond tools have been suffering from these type of problems and inefficiencies for over 50 years.

Inconsistent Machining Speed & Excessive Tool Dressing

After a few dozen uses a conventional diamond tool, and its speed gradually begins to slow down. You will notice excessively longer machining speeds, and equipment motor bug downs. And since only a few diamonds participate in the machining action, you may find yourself applying an increasing amount of pressure just to machine the same amount of material. Without properly orienting the diamonds conventional diamond tools quickly become dull, out of round. With further machining requiring constant tool dressing, in order to expose new diamonds.

Excessive Heat Generation & Loss of straight cutting capability

Constant diamond tool dressing and pressure put forth on material, causes the tool to overheat and loose its tension. The user may find themselves using excessive force and pressure just to machine a small amount of material.

SMART  CUT technology allows the diamond tool manufacturer to control diamond spacing. Hence improving performance of every diamond particle. This Reduces the need for high diamond concentration used today in conventional diamond tools. This  unique  open bond  design insures  you  get  the  maximum  usage  of  diamond  and bond  every  time   you  use  a  SMART  CUT product.

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